Our Team

Jayant Gupta (Co-Founder & Creative head) 

Jayant Gupta is a Whistling Woods International alumnus who learnt the craft of screenwriting under the guidance of veteran screenwriting faculty.   

Jayant Gupta has been a brilliant raconteur from his school days and his teachers always showed eagerness to hear his anecdote. He continued this passion of storytelling by writing and directing stage shows in his college life.  

After the completion of his studies though; he started his own business and occupied himself in the world’s affairs. However, craving to tell story never left in him; it kept confronting and nagging him to pursue his passion of writing. Thus in 2015, he took the call and dedicated his full time in learning the craft of storytelling. He attended several online classes, listened to interviews, podcast of notable screenwriter.  

After getting enough confidence, he joined Whistling Woods International to be a professional screenwriter. And, today he is regarded as one of the most innovative writers by several filmmakers in the film industry. He has won various awards and recognition in several film festivals across India. The journey he embarked on in his school days is still on, and an incessant craving to tell an original story inspires him to work persistently and refine his craft of storytelling. 

Till now, Jayant has Written & Directed 3 Award-winning short films

Co-Written India’s first 3D underwater Animation film titled “PanniLok”.

Won a total of 18 awards at prestigious film festivals across the globe including “Best Story”, “Best Screenplay”, “Best Director”, “Best Indian Short film” and more

Co-written a web series and two feature films.

Our Team

We have a team, more like a family, who are infallible in their commitment toward cinema and give nothing less than 100 percent.

We as a team believe in content driven cinema and try to bring a change through the art of filmmaking

Our beliefs

We believe Cinema is as indispensable as food, cloth, and shelter for the masses of people in the digital age of 21st century where we are spending greater part of our life on screen.  

Cinema is a mirror that shows the contemporary world its vulnerability and its triumph. It is a strong pillar of democracy and without this freedom of expression can’t be corroborated. 

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